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My gallery consists mostly of writing. I have some drawings and pictures up too. Look through my gallery, and please comment! :D



You are far too sensitive.
          perhaps if you didn’t cinch my waist,
          gnaw on me with undying hunger,
          until I wear away;
          string my ribcage with cords,
          hold me up like a puppet and—
I am only trying to make you better.
Less weak.
          that’s redundant.
Stop thinking so much.
          you play me like a broken piano,
          curl your toes as my notes come out all wrong,
          laugh as the trebles and clefts stumble over the page—
You are weak.
          far too sensitive.  

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My words lay their tired heads against gravestones
They are covered in dirt
Fingernails coated in
Blood from trying to crawl
Out of this thin twig I call my neck
You could snap it so easily
Break me apart
Cut me down like that tree in your backyard when you were eight
The one that ticked on your window
Kept you up at night
Cut me down limb from limb
Swing your axe and shatter my collarbone
Break all the branches off my body
Reduce me to a stump
And rip me from the earth
Grind me up
Transform me
Into something new
Something without a name.

Has anyone ever told you
That your drinking habits are like your cares for people?
No fucking hangovers.
But if you knew,
You’d think twice.
I am 8 years old when I
Discover the comfort in numbers.

My mother holds a kitchen knife up to
The man she once loved
And a table has 1, 2, 3, 4 legs.

She screams obscenities in a
Language I no longer understand
But the stairs are made up of 27 steps.

When my sister grabs my hand
And I stumble as she pulls me away
I clench my jaw tightly, 16 times.

I sit quietly in her room,
Eyes wide like two open windows,
And point at the five birds resting on the balcony railing

I am 8 years old,
But only 2 doors separate my naive mind
From the argument downstairs that would
Continue for the next 10 years.
the ending is a little more dramatic than I'd like it to be, but I wanted to upload this anyway.
I am captured by the
ripples in the water.
In the way the water
holds my hand up,
the way the water pulls up
to meet my fingers when I
hold them closely to the surface,
like it is desperate to connect
to something, anything,
after going neglected in old and rusty pipes.
The way a body can sink to the bottom and
still find its way to the surface and
catch that final breath
just in time.
It was late
1 AM
and the grass, like blunt needles
held him up,
just a little off
the surface of the world

he sat in
silence and stared at
the lack of stars,
track marks bleeding into his skin like
fireflies that have lost their shine.
He wondered how many grass blades
it would take to
plunge into that dark pool of
sky above him.
mostly, desperation goes hand in hand with loss of self.
Sorry I haven't been writing much lately, I've been suffering through my longest writer's block yet. I'm trying to get back into it.

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